Laughter is the brightest, where food is the best.Keeping this in mind, the school ensures that the children look forward to their lunch break with a platter of tasty and healthy food on offering at the school canteen.

Hobby Clubs:

As the old proverb goes- “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”; the school tries to spot an unique ability in every child through a host of hobby clubs such as Chess, French, Dances, Music and Recitation

Martial Arts:

The school makes sure that each girl child from VI to IX is trained in Martial Arts so that if situation demands they do not need to look for a weapon, they become one.


Security: Techno India Group Public School, Konnagar gives foremost priority on the security of the students. No stranger is allowed without proper appointment. Visitor’s entry in the campus is restricted. Visitors may be allowed to meet a student on an emergent call or handed over to the escort subject to necessary verification.


The faculty consists of different departments each consisting of experienced and trained teachers duly specialized in their subject areas.


A book that is fifty chosen, is a lifelong friend

The school has a well-equipped library with a wide collection of books to cultivate the imagination of its young minds in Hindi, English, Bengali, French and German.

Computer Education:

Computer Education is provided from the pre-primary classes onwards.

Audio Visual:

The audio- visual medium of instruction is often used for imparting lessons to make the teaching- learning process more effective and attractive to the young learners.

Other Facilities:

Regular elocution, dance and Indian music classes are offered under the guidance of Bratati Bandopadhyay, Dona Ganguly and Sraboni Sen. Our swimming pool is going to be operational from the next swimming season. We have a beautiful park exclusively meant for our pre-primary and primary section students

Olympiad Exams:

Our students from the primary section are given an opportunity to appear in the Olympiad Exams for Science, Mathematics, Cyber & English.

Recent Achievements:-

Our 1st Annual Day Celebration on 15 Feb 2015 was an immense success. We received commendable remarks and are looking forward to such celebrations on a larger scale.

We are highly proud of one of our class IX students for winning the First prize in the NIE aptitude test for Science and Mathematics.